Transform your digital workplace

Transform your digital workplace...

Lightspeed is the employee intranet that reaches, connects, informs, and engages your organisation.

Lightspeed brings together the entire digital workforce regardless of whether they're office-based, remote or frontline workers. Our unique features and functionality connect people with the information they need to achieve successful communication, collaboration and personalisation.


Connect and engage with your entire digital workplace...

Communication is essential for any organisation to stay connected with their employees, and to ensure their employees feel connected and engaged with the organisation.

Lightspeed connects the entire hybrid workforce with the information they need to do their jobs successfully and stay informed with company news and policy, regardless of where they're based.

Our award winning intranet features are designed to reinforces your organisation's culture and keep all employees informed and engaged with company news, information, events, and more. This can help a workforce feel invested and committed to the company and provide a space to build community and comradery.


Facilitate collaboration and productivity across all departments, locations and devices..

Lightspeed intranet is designed to facilitate: collaboration across teams and projects, wider collaboration across communities, document collaboration, online meetings, user workshops, synchronous and asynchronous collaboration, brainstorming, ideation and more.

With hybrid and remote models that involve employees working across multiple locations and devices, it can often be a challenge for organisations to find effective solutions to bring together team members for collaborative working.

We understand that when people collaborate, it not only utilises the experience, knowledge, and skills of everyone involved, it also supercharges productivity and fast tracks delivery.


Empower users to tailor their intranet content to suit their individual preferences and easily find what they need...

Lightspeed provides users with a highly customisable, personalised and easy-to use interface and user-experience.

When users log into their dashboard, they can organise and personalise their own content, so that it prioritises and only includes the information that is relevant to their role, or that they are specifically interested in.

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