Advanced intranet package

Advanced intranet package...

For a bespoke delivery, our mid-tier offering provides a broad range of features found in most best-practice intranets.

Requirements workshop

Intranet requirement workshop to establish your organisations unique intranet goals and objectives.

Ready-to-launch intranet

Complete and high-quality SharePoint and Teams intranet, ready to launch to your organisation.

Admin and editor training

Your intranet administrators, editors and content owners will be fully trained on how to use the intranet by our consultants.

Information architecture (IA) planning

Focused on organising and structuring content in an effective and sustainable way, for users to easily find information and successfully complete tasks.

Cross-device platform

Responsively developed intranet that can be used and viewed on all devices, across all locations.

Launch support

Rest assured that we are at hand to answer any of your questions and queries with our launch support service.

Configuration and setup

Expertly configured and built SharePoint Online and Teams intranet. Our technical team will help you leverage and get the most out of SharePoint and MS365 capabilities.

Premium features

Ready-to-go web part templates that elevate SharePoint Online functionality.
*Available with a Lightspeed365 premium features subscription.

Find out more about our Advanced intranet package

Request a call back with one of our intranet experts, for a free consultation.

What's included in your intranet?

News and events

News and events can be personalised, have approval workflow attached, and also roll-up to aggregate on the homepage across several different sites.

Our company pages

Ensure your employees are up-to-date and able to access everthing they need to know about your company.

Policy library

Centralise policies and procedures, providing an essential reference point for employees. Easily store and manage your policies and procedures within SharePoint libraries.

Quick links

Help your intranet users quickly access your organisations top services, documents, reference pages, or applications.

Department pages

Department reference pages for employees, enabling them to find key information and documents, refer to specific areas, and get things done easily and promptly.

Teams integration

Fully configured integration with Teams, to facilitate collaboration and boost productivity.

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